Sunday, October 21, 2012

Let's get organized


I make these posts a day ahead of time. That way I have more time to study. I had one of them unusual days where I was gone running errands all day. I didn't get up as early as I normally would on a weekday.This put me behind. I learned quick I need to prepare for days like this. This verse couldn't have came at a better time for me. We are to be prepared our families and homes for the seasons. Lately my husband, our sons and myself has been getting out the coats and stacking wood for those warm fires.Oh yes I get out there and helped too. We have to put our "I'll break a nail" to the side and prepare our households for those cold months.

I have been using a homemakers binder for over a year now. A homemakers binder is a personal binder to keep everything for you and your household to be more organized, in one place. Such as Schedules, menu plans, grocery list, to do lists, phone numbers, and more.. What you need is a binder big enough to keep everything in. You can pick up the 1 inch at the local dollar store. I use top loading sheet protectors to put my pages in and write with dry erase markers. This cut down on having to print so much.  All these things can be found in the office supply section. I also have a 3 hole pencil pouch I put my pens, pencils, highlighters, paper clips (which i chain to keep them together), sticky notes, and scissors. I use dividers to divide everything into sections such as Important info, Schedules, Meals, homeschool, holidays and so on...  Here are some good sites to find printable pages to start your binder.

home management printables
household notebook printables
Resources for household management (printables)

To find out more about organizing check out this neat site.

We are to prepare our families for the spiritual elements too. You don't know when your children. I love the 31 ways to pray for your husband and 31 ways to pray for your children

If you have any questions your welcome to contact me or comment.

May God Bless you on your journey.  

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