Thursday, October 18, 2012

Proverbs 31:18


Wait!! What?!! We have to get up early then stay up late at night? No this just means when there is something that has to be finished before bed time we are to stay up late and finish it.  I'll never for get the project I took upon myself to do 2 years ago. My son had a celebration for the 101st day of school coming up. We had to come up with a homemade dalmatian outfit or pj's. I knew pj's would be the easy route. But, me and my son wanted to make it together. He cut a bunch of dots out of an old black shirt while I sewed each one on a white hoodie. I sewed it for a few days straight in my spare time. The night before I was sewing at 2am. I am so thankful I did. To this day he loves it. The most precious things we could make or do are those we devote time into. We are to keep an eye on things and make sure everything is taken care of. whether it be clothes need to be washed or  making sure floors need mopping she will stay up late to do it. We are to put time and effort in those important things in life. Marriage, child training, homemaking, friendships, church, charity..... I came up with some questions I ask myself each day so that I can keep check on what done and what I need to work on.

  1. Are you rare?
  2. Does (husband's name) trust you?
  3. Does he lack anything?
  4. Have you worked with your hands?
  5. Have you worked on ways to save money?
  6. Have you got up early and stayed up late as you should?
  7. Did you prepare for the day and fix breakfast?
  8. Have you planted any seeds (physical and spiritual)today?
  9. Have you helped someone today?
  10. Have you had wise and kind words come out of your mouth?
  11. Are setting a good example for those around you?
  12. Did you drink enough water and eat less junk food today?
  13. Are you using your time wisely?
  14. Have you smiled today?
May God Bless you on your journey into becoming a proverbs 31 woman.
Comments and Suggestions are welcome :)


  1. Great practical application and questions to ponder as we go about our daily rountines.

  2. Thanks, I added more than that to my own list. But that is the basics.