Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fear or Faith


I have lots of life challenges lately that make me want to just plain hide for a while. It's our nature to want to run from anything that might cause us trouble in the slightest.The opposite of faith is fear. If we give into fear it consumes us. Fear of a bad results, fear of rejection or fear of being hurt. The list could go on. You see if we have faith in God through these times we will get through them. Some will say I can never.... but they can if they have faith.

 I'll never forget a story I heard about a young man going into the military. He loves the Lord with all his heart. He prayed about joining and finally got his answer to enlist. After much prayer he told the commanding officers he wanted to be up front in the battle. Most men and women wouldn't even think of doing this due to the fear of being killed. He said he believed in Jesus and that he knew the Lord would get him through his mission. God wanted him to fight for our country. He didnt want him to hide in the back and let everyone else go before him. He had pure faith.

Lately there is shootings in schools, theaters, malls and so on.  Its hard not to fear. But, if we replace fear with faith and prayer. It takes all those bad thought out of our heads. Our God is greater than any problem or fear we might face. Just remember that.

1 John 4:4
Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

Day 29 Thank you Lord for teaching me to replace my fears with faith.

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May God Bless you on your journey.  


  1. Wonderful post. I struggle with fear. I did not have a secure upbringing and always feared rejection. When my oldest child was young he had two heart surgeries. Thank God he survived and is doing so well. Today he boarded a bus and went to Austin, Texas for a debate tournament. That is three hours from our home. I felt myself almost panicking at the thought of him driving that far without parents to protect him. I had to stop myself and thank Jesus for ALWAYS being with him and for being the true Protector. It's a struggle for me, but one I know God is helping me with. :). Xoxo

  2. Parental fears are some of the worst. I got a call and email stating 2 of the kids schools had a lock down. They said it was just for precaution. My mind went into overdrive with emotions. I finally calmed down and prayed. The kids didn't even know it happened. Praying for your son. Hugs

  3. Great message. It seems that fear creeps up in my everyday life. I must remember to have faith always!

  4. Amanda,

    I think that we as women are especially prone to fear. One of the most helpful scriptures for me is that "Perfect Love casts out fear." As I meditated on this one day, the LOrd showed me that if I truly trust in his love for me, then I cannot legitimately be afraid. Since that revelation, when I come to a place of fear, I redirect my thoughts to how much God loves and cares for me, and fear loses its power. Thanks for posting. I'm visiting from Be Not Weary today, and glad I did.