Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Messes and a Recipe

   I sat down last night and wrote what I thought would be today's post. I guess I was wrong ha ha! With 5 kids when one room is clean and you go to the next. The first clean room becomes messy again. You know after reading a book called A Life of Gratitude: 21 Days of Overcoming Self Pity and Negativity by Shelley Hitz  I realized all the messes in my life can be turned into a sweet blessing if I will just change my attitude.

    For example my baby girl Jessi Lynn loves her peanut butter sandwiches. If we have to eat and leave I learned always check for the crust. :) She will place it any where in her path on the way out the door. Instead of getting all excited when someone winds up sitting in it or stepping on it when we come back. I am gonna gonna start stepping back and say "Thank you Lord for my little girl, thank you for the little messes that reminds me I am blessed to be a mom."  I need to think about my friends who are unable to have children. 

Day 21 Thank you Lord for the Messes in my life.

    I look at it this way. I have messes all in my life not just pb. I mean those messes where I can't do nothing without God's help. Those messes where you goof up so bad you don't know what to do. Of course my Lord steps in and fixes it. Just like we do when we clean up after our children. He don't complain one bit about it. He just wipes it away and corrects us if needed. As the old saying goes God can turn a mess into a message. Thats if we let him.

If it wasn't for life's messes we wouldn't learn what we should.

I thought I would share a quick recipe I put together. I am usually one of them that only goes by the recipe books. So if you see a recipe on here most of the time it might not be mine.

Crock Pot BBQ Chicken
Chicken breasts, or whole chicken
Favorite BBQ sauce
Cheese (optional)

Place chicken in crock pot for  6-8 hrs on low. With 1 hour left to go cut up the chicken and add bbq. Place on Hamburger buns and add cheese.

May God Bless you on your journey.  



  1. I like this perspective, I have never thought of it like this. I need to stop complainng about cleaning up after my children while trusting them to learn as they grow. After all God is not complaining.
    Thanks for sharing, visiting from Into The Word Wednesday. Have a super blessed day!

  2. Great way to flip perspective with those literal messes. I am continuously in awe of the way God handles the figurative messes and turns them into messages too. Great reminder for me of how big our God is! :) Gonna feature this post on Into the Word Wednesday's Feature post at Hope your weekend was amazing!


  3. I've recently started working on this myself. I know I definitely look at the crumbs on the floor differently than I did a few months back. I'm mom, I chose to be a mom, therefore I can't complain about anything that comes with that job!!! Love this on this week. Thanks for linking up with ITWW and for being featured!
    Kelly @ Exceptionalistic