Friday, October 12, 2012

Proverbs 31:12

How many are guilty of thinking revenge? I know more than once I have gotten so
frustrated with my husband I wanted to get revenge bad. But, according to this verse we shouldn't be that way. I kept thinking he needs to do this and this but hadn't really looked at what I needed to do for him. We are to stand beside our husbands no matter what. Even when we dont always agree. Proverbs woman will treat her husband with love and kindness in all ways. Sometimes that may mean biting our tongues. Instead of saying something you may regret later. Doing good to our husbands not only sets examples for them but others as well. Do you put others needs before your husband? By doing this it just opens the door for someone else to be able to fulfill his needs instead. The verse doesn't mean that we should fix his favorite meal and give him the silent treatment because he made us mad. We are to get rid of all that negative thinking and feelings. We have to put our husbands needs before our own. I broke these verses into days because today's verse for example is one of them take time to swallow verses. That way it will sink in deeper.  May God bless you on your journey.

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  1. I am a single woman who was married one time and i tried to be there for him and i also tried to think of his needs. Then i found out he was cheating on me behind my back. I was totaley beyond shocked and it hurt me deep inside. I didn't know what to do anymore. my heart just broke into thousand of peices and felt like i was just trash. I dont really know how to answer this im sorry but when i find that real man that god has planned for me i wanna try thats all i can really do. have a nice day mam you sound like a nice lady.