Monday, April 1, 2013

Is God calling you?

Have you ever felt you just have to do something? For days I have had something laying heavy on my heart. It feels as if God wants me to step up and do something. But, making that step could change a whole lot. Especially  my time. Questions start racing through my head. I knew before the questions started I needed to ask God's will. Most of the time feelings like that always work out to be His will. I must make sure before I take one step.

Here's how to know if God's calling you to do something:

1. If you have a deep feeling God's calling you to do something. 
2. If it's something the Lord would probably approve of.
3. After much prayer things just fall into place. This means he is making a way
for His will.

This don't mean make them happen or force them to.

When the Israelites didn't see a way across the red sea. Since it was God's will he had it all planned out. A way was made right before their eyes.He parted the read seas for them to go across. Exodus 14

We aren't to leap and ask God to bless our decision. That's very unwise. We are to find out what God wants first.

May God Bless you on your journey.  


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