Friday, December 7, 2012

Saving money

 My husband and I love to save money all we can. We started doing things lately to save on our electricity bill. Do you know most of the electric companies have whats called off peak hours? These are hours which cost less on our bill. I am on a mission to only wash clothes, get on the computer, and things like that between them hours. I like this is in a way. I get things ready to go for them hours. I get lots done that way.

Our Saturday mornings consist of grabbing a cappuccino on the way to our local flea market. Then, hunt down the yard sell signs. Love finding items that cost $50 regular price and get them for $5-$10. Some don't like getting things at discount stores or yard sells. I have found brand new name brand shoes, clothes, and all kinds of other stuff. Why pay more when you don't have to?

Here are some other ways to save
  • check your electric company for more saving ideas
  • clip coupons
  • don't overspend on groceries, watch when using coupons this is a good way to overspend easy(ex: buy 2 get 3rd free)
  • shop after you eat
  • cook at home
  • make your own coffee (i do all except my fav cappuccino)
  • sometimes buying online might be cheaper than buying in stores
  • shop discount stores, goodwill, yard sells, flea markets.
  • buy in bulk (remember to compare price per pound on the shelf price first)
  • sign up for free samples I love places like hotfrog who lets you know of free stuff
  • trade clothes, books, toys when you can. or borrow books from the library.
  • use a water bottle
  • get a DVD membership to netflix or something if you watch lots of movies

How do you save money? Please share your ideas

May God Bless you on your journey.  


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